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Bella Hudson is a country singer and songwriter, who loves writing about the experiences she has as a young woman.

She has been writing and performing since the age of 11, when she played an original solo acoustic song on the main stage at the Telluride Bluegrass festival for 10,000 people after playing in a local talent show and getting noticed by the festival management. After that, she was a regular performer there for several years.

Those performances led to an invitation to give a TEDx talk in Boulder, CO where she performed at the age of 13 for over 2,000 people. Since then, Bella has performed in many venues around the country.

Bella recently turned 17, and has been visiting Nashville to collaborate with other writers, and plays frequently at writer’s nights and local establishments.



This is a song I wrote with David Fanning and Kellys Collins in Nashville, TN. This video is opening for Wynonna Judd at Thunder Mountain Amphitheater on 7/29/16.
I wrote this song with Rachel James and Dave Preston in Denver. This is a performance opening for Wynonna Judd at Thunder Mountain Amphitheater on 7/29/16.

This is an original song written with Sophie Sanders, and performed at Pucketts Grocery in Leipers Fork, TN.

I wrote this song myself in Colorado. This is a video performing it at Thunder Mountain Amphitheater on 7/29/16 opening for Wynonna Judd.


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